LOVE POTIONS: aphrodisiacs and aromas

LOVE POTIONS: aphrodisiacs and aromas

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Wednesday 13th February 
7:00 - 9:30pm

Indulge in an evening of creating pure natural pleasure.

We want to get sexy with you !

Enjoy a bubbly infusion of rose. Create a unique love potion and a sensual or healing balm fit for a goddess. Discover the secrets of Tibetan massage. PLUS the almighty Cacao. Learn how to create Cacao treats with extra ingredients to really get the energy flowing from your head to your .... 


  • Create your own love potion to take home. Using a selection of powerful flower essences and herbal tinctures. Sorrell will explain the properties of aphrodisiacs she has tried and tested to assist you in creating a love potion to harmonise and heal our hearts, reconnect with our inner Goddess, or attempt to seduce another….what will the intention of your unique love potion be?
  • Creating a sensual or healing balm, using aromatics and soothing skin oils, Sorrell will guide you through the many aromas that really get your energy flowing in all the right places. Make it for yourself or for a loved one. Plus share some ancient Tibetan massage techniques used to promote sexual bliss (BTW we all keep our clothes on!).

  • Cacao truffle tasting - blended truffles made with herbal aphrodisiacs such as rose, cinnamon, cardamon, orange flowers. We will discuss the properties of cacao and how it seduces. You will be given recipes to take home and make for your loved ones.