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Alchemist, Barrier function optimizer
Alchemist, Barrier function optimizer

Alchemist, Barrier function optimizer



The modern world is tough on our skin, and increasingly the discussion around preventing the vicious cycle of damaged, acne prone skin has centered around repairing barrier function. What this means is giving your skin the building blocks it needs to protect and repair itself— because our skin is an incredibly intelligent work of art designed to heal from even severe damage, given the proper nourishment.

AlcheMist is a unique hybrid of old and new knowledge. We grow high potency healing herbs on our farm and distill them on-site into regenerative, vibrant hydrosols using ancient distillation technology going back well before the 10th century. We then combine these unique essential waters with the scientifically proven ingredients Niacinamide (vit b3) and N-acetyl glucosamine, an amino acid to keep your skin producing Natural Moisturizing Factor and hyaluronic acid on its own, while gently encouraging exfoliation to keep skin free of built up oil and debris that can cause breakouts.

This is a multitasker if there ever was one: nourishes, regenerates, moisturizes— and most importantly, helps your skin re-learn how to protect itself naturally. 2 0z.


Mist face after cleansing, before serum and balm. Mist throughout the day if your skin feels dull or dry and to prevent future breakouts.


Organic, seasonally rotated, farm distilled hydrosols that may include the following: wild rose, yarrow, chamomile, calendula, gotu kola, sage, lavender, rose scented bergamot, green myrtle, tulsi, pine, birch; Niacinamide, N-acetyl Glucosamine, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate